IWP9 and Cortex-M ports

Last year I wrote a paper for the 9th International Workshop on Plan 9 (IWP9) which I then had to hurriedly produce a presentation for. This year I didn't feel I had enough to write a full paper, so I wrote a Work in Progress (WiP) paper instead, then discovered that I had to produce a presentation for that. Once again, this happened while travelling, so everything was more stressful than it needed to be.

Three more Cortex-M Inferno ports

The paper itself can be found in this repository, as well as in the workshop proceedings. It describes the work I've done over the last year or so to make Inferno run on a set of related development boards. It really is a work in progress, as there's so much to improve and update as the system is tested and developed further.

The workshop

Unfortunately, apart from linking up to present my slides and answer questions, I wasn't able to participate much in the workshop. I caught part of a talk about industrial automation that I would have liked to have seen in its entirety. Fortunately, the workshop was recorded, and all the talks can be found on the Plan 9 Foundation's YouTube channel, either individually or as part of the daily streams.

As with my presentation from last year, I've also uploaded my pre-recorded performance to YouTube.

  Three More Cortex-M Inferno Ports

David Boddie
19 April 2024