The framework for the organiser application is slowly developing new features. It's now possible to navigate between different panels to access different tools and views, though currently only the appointments list and calendar are working to any reasonable level.

The main menu

The main menu is just a panel with a Menu widget and a callback that changes the current panel depending on which item was selected. Pressing Escape from here exits the application.

Viewing a list of appointments by day

The appointments list currently shows only a list of days that have appointments, each of which can be edited. It's not yet possible to add new ones or remove days. Pressing Escape from here returns to the menu. Pressing Return opens an editor for the selected day, which shows the appointments for that day in a single text document.

The calendar shows the days with appointments

Appointments data is shared between the appointments and calendar panels, so the calendar reflects what is shown in the appointments list. Currently, it isn't possible to edit appointments from the calendar view, though it is possible to add and delete days from the appointments list.

David Boddie
13 January 2022